Benjamin Stout

About Me

I am a seventeen year old student in high school. I like country and pop music. I also like subjects that require a lot of reflection on the world, like psychology and philosophy. I also like politics and history. I enjoy deep discussions.

Skill Sets

Some of my skills are:

  1. Critical thought and analyzation
  2. Categorization
  3. Strategizing
  4. Improvisation
  5. Planning

My top interests are roleplay, politics, history, philosophy, and psychology.

Future Developments

I will be adding more images, and write the “Misc”, “News”, and “Contact Me” pages as time allows. For now, here are three images:

This is me.


This is my family in 2017.

[My family, 2017]

This is my first mom. She passed away in 2009 from cancer, when I was only 4 years old.

[Mom Julie]